WP6: Legal structures - implementing agreements ownership and operational barriers

This work package primarily focuses on establishing legal frameworks for future intergovernmental agreements in a phased approach. The first phase will produce a list of recommended scenarios – based on consultation with stakeholders – with close connection to business/financial planning processes. It examines through a cooperative dialogue between ERICON partner agencies and ministry representatives shared liabilities and the extent to which insurance against risks related to events either accident, pollution or natural hazards resulting in (partial) loss of the vessel and response to it.

The final phase results in recommendations from the ERICON legal advisory panel to the ERICON stakeholder council on the future adoption of a legal implementation structure. These tasks are accomplished through the establishment of an ERICON legal advisory panel facilitated and supported by a dedicated project manager based at the ESF with representatives from all the participating beneficiary organisations.

The fulfilment of this work package will result in a decision by the ministries and
funding agencies to implement a legal structure for the facility and a recommendation on construction. The preparatory phase project will then move into the implementation phase and European tendering process for the research vessel.  

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